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Thunderstruck thumbnail
Thunderstruck eAudiobook
Ali Sparkes / Rosie Jones

"What if your new best friend was a ghost? Getting struck by lightning isn't exactly how Alisha and ..

Out Of This World thumbnail
Out Of This World eAudiobook
Ali Sparkes / Jack Hawkins

Tyrone Lewis is messing about in the woods, trying to keep out of trouble, when he stumbles upon som..

She Wolf thumbnail
She Wolf eAudiobook
Dan Smith / Colleen Prendergast

A young Viking girl is swept by a storm on to a desolate English beach. Cruelly orphaned there, Ylva..

Can You See Me? thumbnail
Can You See Me? eAudiobook
Libby Scott/Rebecca Westcott / Imogen Wilde

Tally is eleven years old and she's just like her friends. Well, sometimes she is. If she tries real..

The Land Of Neverendings thumbnail
The Land Of Neverendings eAudiobook
Kate Saunders / Harriet Carmichael

The cat flap opened. Emily thought a wild animal was coming into the house. But the muddy creature t..

Goblin Quest thumbnail
Goblin Quest eAudiobook
Philip Reeve / David Thorpe

Another fantastically exciting novel set in a land of magic from the award-winning Philip Reeve. The..

Goblins Vs Dwarves thumbnail
Goblins Vs Dwarves eAudiobook
Philip Reeve / David Thorpe

The reawakening of ancient sorcery is bringing new creatures to the world of Clovenstone. A network ..

Goblins thumbnail
Goblins eAudiobook
Philip Reeve / David Thorpe

A wild world of magical creatures and heroic adventure from the extraordinary imagination of Philip ..

The Race To Hornswaggle Rock thumbnail
The Race To Hornswaggle Rock eAudiobook
Ruth Quayle / Helen Keeley

Vic is from a family of pirates, and they are preparing to enter the Race to Hornswaggle Rock, the h..

The Battle Of The Blighty Bling thumbnail
The Battle Of The Blighty Bling eAudiobook
Ruth Quayle / Rebecca Fenwick

Vic and her younger brother and sister have been left alone at home, which means trouble, because Vi..

Spy Toys thumbnail
Spy Toys eAudiobook
Mark Powers / David Thorpe

The world's leading toy manufacturer gives each of its amazing toys a tiny, computerized brain and a..

The Odds thumbnail
The Odds eAudiobook
Adam Perrott / Adam Perrott

Have you ever put down a drink, gone to do something else and come back to find the drink is nowhere..

Where The World Turns Wild thumbnail
Where The World Turns Wild eAudiobook
Nicola Penfold / Venice van Someren

Animals, trees, flowers, our city forbids them all... Juniper Green lives in a walled city from whic..

Gabriel's Clock thumbnail
Gabriel's Clock eAudiobook
Hilton Pashley / Joe Coen

Jonathan is in terrible danger. After his home is attacked by faceless monsters in bowler hats, he w..

A Wolf Called Wander thumbnail
A Wolf Called Wander eAudiobook
Rosanne Parry / Greg Lockett

Swift lives with his pack in the mountains, until one day his home and family are lost. Alone and st..